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Customer Spotlight: Rallyhood Ramps Up User Retention

About Rallyhood

Rallyhood is a community platform that brings people together by allowing users to create and join their own groups. Rallyhood enables users to work together towards common goals and causes via collaboration, communication and sharing tools.

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The Challenge

As a high-growth company with aggressive benchmarks, Rallyhood sought to drive platform adoption across devices, as well as gain a better understanding of its users. With a lean and highly efficient team, Rallyhood needed a way to create a seamless registration experience for users while minimizing required maintenance for employees. “We realized early on that a clear view of our users’ identities and on-site behaviors was crucial to informing our product strategies and fueling our growth,” said Lori Durham, VP of Operations at Rallyhood.

The Solution

Gigya’s Social Login allows users to register for Rallyhood’s website and iPhone app with just two clicks using their existing social network accounts, granting Rallyhood permission-based access to their identity data. Gigya automatically manages social network API updates to ensure continuous Social Login functionality and privacy compliance. Users’ identity and on-site behavioral data is aggregated into complete user profiles within Gigya’s Profile Management database, which is automatically indexed and easily queried.

The Benefits

Giving users a fast and easy way to verify their identities through Social Login has significantly improved user experience and user acquisition, with a 33% lift in daily logged in users. Without the need to manually monitor and maintain Social Login compliance and performance, Rallyhood has effectively scaled its logins and registrations while maintaining employee resources and efficiencies.

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A clear view of user identity allows Rallyhood to tie all on-site activities to individual user profiles, facilitating a single, highly accurate customer view across devices. The ability to measure site usage patterns and behaviors provides Rallyhood with first-party insight into how to best improve and expand its platform, as well as tailor the mobile versus desktop experience. Identity data also enables Rallyhood to strategically segment its audience based on key demographics, activities and interests to reach users with more relevant messaging.

Rallyhood’s VP of Operations Lori Durham said, “Implementing Gigya was a top priority as we built our website and iOS application. As one of our first major investments, Gigya’s platform has been instrumental in Rallyhood’s exponential growth and success.”

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By Rachel Serpa

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