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Customer Spotlight: Medialaan Drives Ad Revenue with Gigya’s Technology

About Medialaan

With four radio stations and seven television channels, Medialaan is the leading media and entertainment company in Belgium. Medialaan is the founder of VTM, the first and largest commercial TV station in Flanders, and the network of popular shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice.


The Challenge

To combat growing competition from media streaming providers, Medialaan sought to add value for its advertising sponsors and increase rate cards on its premier network site, “We needed a way acquire and retain more viewers, as well as better understand the identities, preferences and behaviors of users streaming site content across devices,” said Wouter Mertens, New Media Architect at Medialaan.

The Solution

Using Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) and Social Login, Medialaan gates long-form video content behind a registration wall. Viewers have the option to identify themselves using a traditional username and password or their existing Facebook accounts. Not only does Social Login reduce barrier to site entry, but it also gives Medialaan permission-based access to viewers’ identity data, including their genders, birthdays, interests and more.

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This identity data, as well as behavioral data created as registered viewers take on-site actions across devices, is consolidated into complete user profiles within Gigya’s Profile Management database. All data can be easily viewed and segmented using Gigya’s Customer Insights dashboard, as well as directly exported to Medialaan’s existing marketing applications for use across channels and campaigns.

The Benefits

With a comprehensive understanding of viewers’ identities, Medialaan is able to provide sponsors with detailed insights into its user base to more accurately reach and convert desired segments. This level of audience intelligence is expected to result in a 15% revenue increase across Medialaan web properties.

After identifying key viewer segments streaming particular shows, Medialaan tailors the content of these series based on their audiences’ gender, age, Facebook Likes and more. The broadcaster can also rely on viewers’ streaming preferences and behaviors to provide relevant on-site recommendations of what to watch next.

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By exporting viewer segments from Gigya’s Profile Management database directly to its email service provider, Medialaan is able to send highly customized content recommendations based on viewers’ preferences and recently watched programs. Emails can also be triggered by meaningful behaviors. For example, if a viewer pauses The Voice and leaves, he or she will receive an email prompting him or her to return and finish the episode.

Giving users an easy way to identify themselves and consume content across devices has significantly improved acquisition and retention, with 200% more registrations than expected and 30% of daily site visitors logging in.

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“Turning anonymous visitors into known, loyal viewers is expected to have a 15% impact on ad revenue as we continue to roll the Gigya platform out across our web properties,” said Wouter Mertens, New Media Architect at Medialaan. Mertens added, “Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform has given us a competitive edge by helping us build better relationships with both our sponsors and our viewers.”

By Rachel Serpa

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