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Customer Spotlight: Learn Liberty Acquires & Converts Users with Gigya

About Learn Liberty

A project of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University, Learn Liberty provides academic videos, online courses and job opportunities to help promote new, innovative ways of solving the world’s problems.


The Challenge

As they continued to grow their user base, the team at Learn Liberty was spending significant resources on capturing and qualifying new leads. However, on-site conversions were proving to be a struggle without the resources to consistently transfer leads to Marketo, and reach them with customized nurture campaigns. “The team and I needed a faster and more efficient way to grow our email lists, as well as a solution to automate the onboarding process and trigger relevant campaigns,” said Braum Katz, Digital Strategy Manager at Learn Liberty.

The Solution

Gigya’s Social Login gives visitors a quick and convenient way to identify themselves using a pre-verified user account, as well as share valuable information and opt in to email communication. All user records are stored within Gigya’s Profile Management database, which features a pre-built data integration with Marketo, offered through Gigya’s IDX Marketplace.

New users are continually transferred to Marketo, where they are automatically placed into an onboarding campaign intended to drive conversions using Gigya’s loyalty and gamification tools. Subscribers’ identity and behavioral data is updated and synced in near real-time, making it possible to segment users into email campaigns based on behaviors and interests.

The Benefits

With the ability to easily identify and authenticate site visitors, Learn Liberty has quickly scaled its lead lists with minimal demand generation efforts. By relying on Gigya’s Social Login to capture qualified leads, the Learn Liberty team has been able to reduce required lead generation resources by upwards of 75%. 

Automatically porting new subscribers into Marketo and nurturing them with gamified email campaigns has had a significant impact on conversion rates for Learn Liberty’s KPIs: video views, course enrollments and job applications. Since implementing Gigya and Marketo’s data integration, site referral traffic from Marketo email campaigns has increased by 152%. 


The integration has also given Learn Liberty the ability to trigger email campaigns based on individual user behaviors. For example, if a subscriber visits three job opportunities in one day, he or she is automatically placed into a Marketo job alert campaign. With permission-based access to subscribers’ interest data through social login, Learn Liberty plans to segment users into highly relevant, hyper-targeted campaigns based on their likes and preferences.

Katz added, “I’m blown away by Gigya’s Marketo Integration. It’s unbelievable what the ability to generate quality leads and automate relevant campaigns has unleashed in our list growth and conversion rates.


To read about even more success highlights Learn Liberty achieved by implementing Gigya’s technology, download the full case study here.

By Rachel Serpa

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