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Customer Spotlight: Harvard Business Review Saves Developer Time & Resources with Gigya

About Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is dedicated to publishing management ideas and advice for business leaders. Founded in 1922 as a non-profit subsidiary of Harvard University, HBR is now published in twelve different languages worldwide.


The Challenge

To drive subscription rates and provide readers with a seamless experience, HBR sought to implement social login on However, with evolving social network APIs and privacy regulations, finding the resources to manage social login was a challenge. “We needed a social login solution that was easy to implement, required minimal maintenance and could scale with our growing user base,” said Kevin Newman, Director of Technology at HBR. HBR also wanted to replace its sharing and commenting solutions, which required registered users to log in to separate third-party services before taking action.

The Solution

Gigya’s Social Login enables HBR’s development team to authenticate subscribers with more than 35 identity providers through a single, powerful API. Gigya automatically monitors and maintains social network API changes to ensure Social Login functionality and privacy compliance, with no IT intervention needed. Gigya’s Share and Comments plugins are fully integrated with Social Login, allowing socially logged-in users to easily share and engage with HBR content without having to re-authenticate.

The Benefits

Offloading the work of social login maintenance and compliance to Gigya has freed HBR’s development team to focus on building and deploying other impactful, revenue-generating business applications. During its four-year partnership with Gigya, HBR has been able to save an average of one month (four weeks) of development time and resources each year.

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Visitors to can now verify their identities with just two clicks, and seamlessly engage with content across the site through sharing and commenting. With a unified view of user identities, HBR can provide users with individual profiles where they can build out personal reading lists and save their favorite articles. In the future, HBR plans to leverage Gigya’s pre-built integration with its chosen ESP to nurture new subscribers and those who take specific on-site actions with automated emails.

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Success Highlights:

  • Saving four weeks of development time each year
  • Maintaining automatic compliance with social privacy regulations
  • Streamlining the registration and login experience for users
  • Enabling seamless on-site engagement via unified user profiles

Harvard Business Review’s Director of Technology Kevin Newman said, “HBR has been a satisfied Gigya client for four years now. Gigya’s technology continues to save us significant development time and resources, as well as enables us to offer our readers seamless usability without sacrificing security.”

By Rachel Serpa

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