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Customer Spotlight: Frontier Communications Standardizes Security & Customer-Centricity

About Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) offers broadband, voice, video, security solutions and more to residential customers and small to large businesses in 28 states. Frontier is dedicated to helping clients enhance their lives and communities one connection at a time.


The Challenge

To reduce postage costs and encourage users to switch to paperless billing, Frontier Communications chose to replace its internal registration and third-party online bill pay systems with a more seamless solution. “We knew that to give users a better experience, we needed to integrate customer identity management across the enterprise,” said Eric Del Sesto, VP of IT at Frontier. “Whatever solution we chose had to streamline registration on the front-end while standardizing security protocols on the back-end.”

The Solution

Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) provides Frontier Communications with the flexibility to quickly deploy custom registration forms and flows across its web and mobile properties, complete with identity validation and verification policies. All data collected through registration and known users’ on-site actions is organized into unified profiles in Gigya’s Profile Management database, which serves as a single source of truth across properties. Profile Management automatically maintains data privacy compliance, protection and quality.

The Benefits

Giving users a more streamlined registration process has resulted in a 60% increase in registered users across web properties. Since implementing Gigya, Frontier has shifted its focus from managing billing accounts to understanding user identities, resulting in more personal, customer-centric experiences. A single profile can now be connected to multiple billing accounts, and users can log in to access TV programming on any device based on their subscription permissions.


Choosing Gigya as the registration experience and system of record across Frontier’s web properties has not only streamlined front-end user experiences, but also back-end data management. Profile Management makes it easy to migrate existing users, as well as scale to accommodate additional properties and subscription growth. This single, centralized repository has effectively standardized password encryption, data storage and security across the enterprise.

Del Sesto added, “Working with Gigya keeps us up-to-date and compliant when it comes to security best practices for managing customer data: one user identity, one password and one way of encrypting and storing information.”


To read about even more success highlights Frontier Communications achieved by implementing Gigya’s technology, download the full case study here.

By Rachel Serpa

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