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Customer Spotlight: KLM’s Meet & Seat Connects Flyers Through Social

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, serves 135 destinations in 69 countries across five continents. A pioneer in technological solutions for commercial aviation, KLM has managed to remain a leader in the space by maintaining a consistent culture of innovation: it was the first airline in the world to offer self-service transfer kiosks on its European and intercontinental routes for passengers connecting through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, for instance.

More recently, KLM has undergone a push to create social experiences, as the 94-year-old airline recognizes the need to differentiate itself from competitors by establishing more authentic relationships with its customers across a variety of mediums.

Develop Authentic Relationships with Today’s Tech-Savvy, Social Flyers

To develop deeper connections to its customers and encourage more valuable and relevant customer interactions with its brand, KLM sought to integrate social into its core process. Specifically, it turned to Gigya to provide the technology to power its Meet & Seat boarding experience.

Meet & Seat seeks to socialize the consumer experience by providing an easy way for passengers to connect with one another on flights.

Meet & Seat Sets the Stage for Serendipitous Meetings

KLM used Gigya’s Social Login to power its Meet & Seat service, which allows users to see who else is on board of their flight. When customers choose to opt in to Meet & Seat, KLM prompts them to log in socially and share their Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn profile details with other participating passengers.

With Meet & Seat, socially logged in flyers can see the profile details of other participating users, as well as their seat assignments. For a more social flight experience, Meet & Seat customers can choose seat assignments next to other passengers based on their social profile information.

The video below provides an overview of Meet & Seat:

By leveraging social login to provide opportunities for passengers to meet and connect, KLM builds a sense of community among its customer base while encouraging brand loyalty among its most frequent users.

Socializing the Flying Experience

Traditionally, flying has been a somewhat isolating experience: airlines don’t typically know much about their passengers other than their flight history, dietary restrictions, and payment details, and passengers generally don’t expect to socialize in flight.

By offering new ways for passengers to learn about one another through social media and incorporating social data capture technology such as social login to obtain valuable personal data on its customers, KLM dispels the flying experience that most consumers are familiar with while building a valuable knowledge base of its customers.

“Gigya’s Social Login and consumer management technologies equipped our business with the tools to create a personal in-flight experience, In the future, we look forward to collaborating more with Gigya to understand our customers better and leverage this knowledge to create even deeper, more personal experiences.”

By Emma Tzeng

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