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Cross-Channel, Cross-Device Interface for RaaS, straight out of the box!

Providing customers with a consistent, personalized, multi-channel, multi-device experience is no longer a future aspiration, but a reality right now for the brands we interact with on a daily basis. One challenge of this reality is providing the same level of interaction across those channels with a consistent and coherent strategy that creates a seamless experience for users.

One of the most important elements of a multi-channel and device strategy is identifying the customer, then tailoring the experience and continuing the transaction. For example: a customer registers for a video-on-demand platform on a desktop browser at work and begins watching a video. She then uses an app on her mobile device to continue watching the same video on her way home. That evening, she receives an email with show recommendations based on first party data and viewing habits collected from the other device, and an offer to a premium service with expanded content. The result? Our customer feels like she’s had a consistent, singular experience with the brand and can share and rate this with her friends and family.

This functionality can be applied to many different types of sites and mobile apps, for example, basket recovery based on the identity of the consumer, recommended reading based on previous articles, multi-device targeted adverts based on the identity of the customer, and more.

Gigya can support brands that need help achieving this, out-of-the-box, with our Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform. For instance, registration via desktop or mobile is achieved using “best practice” screensets which power the login, registration, verification, password reset, account linking and profile management areas of our CIAM suite. The screensets are responsive to the device and allow the customer to access any device enabled with the screensets using the same username and password or Social Login credentials.

After registration and collection of first party data, Gigya synchronises to Email Service Providers (ESPs), Data Management Platforms (DMPs), and other third party applications using pre-built technology integrations or the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) feature built into Gigya’s platform. Campaigns based on either the identity of the customer, or behavior-based data like page-views, consumed content and product interests (or both) provide more personalized and targeted communication to customers.

In terms of implementation, rather than having an app development team spend hours building a login and registration system for mobile apps which is different than the desktop version, then manually building integrations with downstream applications along with databases to store behavioral data, Gigya powers this out-of-the-box.

Here’s an example of the user experience that results, using our original use case:

    • A customer registers to a video-on-demand platform on the web using a desktop browser — registering with their Facebook account credentials.
    • He begins to watch a video and pauses it 10 minutes in — the paused location is stored within Gigya’s Data Store for later use.
    • Later that afternoon on his commute home, the customer logs into his mobile app with his Facebook account — this returns the paused position of the video, which resumes playback.
    • Additionally, the app displays recommended shows based on the customer’s selection — powered by a sync with a Gigya-to-DMP integration.

The next morning, the brand’s ESP sends a 5% discount on the premium service, using adverts from the show the customer was watching with data synchronised from Gigya ETL’s feature.

The end result is a consistent multi-channel and device engagement where the brand knows more about the customer, the customer feels better about the brand, and the business can market and upsell their products with real relevance.

By Adrian Nash

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