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Building Your Business by Creating a Customer Journey Map

Customers today, whether B2B or B2C, want a seller’s help making the right product choices. So it is crucial that sellers understand their customers.

A manufacturer might need insight into customer needs to align product recommendations. A retailer will want to respectfully collect enough information to help a consumer know which cover fits the grill he just bought.

No matter the level of the transaction, the core concept is the same: Companies who know the most about their customers are likely to sell more products and have more satisfied patrons.

One popular description of this deep knowledge is called the customer journey. Others might refer to it as having a 360-degree view of the customer. Done right, marketers can draw information from websites, social media, mobile apps and other sources, then combine this data into profiles that inform a cohesive and accurate picture of a customer’s needs at any particular moment.

I recently partnered with Zack Woith, vice president of loyalty strategy at 500friends, a leading provider of loyalty marketing solutions, for a webinar on the customer journey. You can listen to the webinar replay to learn how to:

  • Identify customers and collect helpful, consent-based information
  • Personalize the customer experience through active and passive profiling
  • Break down the silos often associated with multiple product lines and services within the same business.

“Creating a single customer view within the organization is one of the major drivers that motivates businesses to pursue an identity project. We’re not just simplifying IT infrastructure, we’re creating a cleaner data set that users can access. Not only end users, but also marketers and analysts,” says Woith.

At Gigya, for example, we helped a retailer understand individual consumer preferences to such a degree that a shopper looking for a dress could actually pair shoes, purses and jewelry to see the entire look displayed on one page.

Zach and I are excited about using technology in these boundary-pushing ways, and invite you to hear more by listening to our webinar.

By Craig Ferrara

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