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Best Practices for Getting the Most from Social Login

The value of social login is enormous: Facebook Login alone converts at 80 percent or higher for many high quality apps, according to a study. We have discussed in the past how businesses can optimize for ROI with social login, but it’s just as important to understand and implement social login best practices so your business can remain compliant with social network policies and provide the best user experience possible.

In this blog post, we’ll go over three ways your business can get the most from your social login implementation.

1. Give social login prominent placement on your site or in your app.

This may seem like an obvious best practice, but it’s important to remember that if users are not aware of the option to use social login, then they won’t use it. In terms of placement, most users are trained to look at the top right section of a page to register or sign-in. Naturally, this is an ideal location to display your social login buttons.

2. Capture data in a permission-based manner and communicate clearly how you plan to use the data.

Protect users’ rights to data privacy by being completely transparent and clear with just how their information will be used before prompting social login. By being upfront and honest about your data usage practices, you can establish trust with users that translates to positive brand perception and loyalty.

3. Don’t ask for more data than you need.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that businesses implementing social login refrain from asking consumers to share more information than is necessary for login. Requesting too many permissions at the outset may discourage user trust and prevent first-time users from registering. Furthermore, businesses can request more data from users after the initial registration process, as it becomes more relevant to the user’s experience with the site or app.

Additional Social Login Resources

To help businesses build trust with users and adhere to its privacy policies, Facebook released a checklist detailing its login best practices and policies.

By implementing a social login dialog with multiple social network options, businesses are able to offer consumers the convenience of signing in with their social profiles while providing choices around which social network accounts to associate with their site experience. We’re working closely with Facebook to optimize Facebook Login, with some apps experiencing a conversion rate of up to 90% and greater.

To learn more about how Gigya helps businesses connect closer to their consumers through social login and other consumer management technologies, schedule a meeting with one of our consultants today.

– Emma Tzeng, Marketing @gigya

By Emma Tzeng

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