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An Inside Look at Our Q1 2018 Product Updates

In a recent webinar, Adrian Nash, Vice President of Product for Gigya, now a part of SAP, joined me to put our recent product updates on full display. Along the way, we had some fun, shared some stories and lifted the curtain to show our audience the driving forces behind our strategy for improving our features, products and services. In this post, I’ll lift the curtain even higher to show how our product updates address key challenges businesses face today.

Global Market Trends on Trust and Customer Experience

If a piece of software doesn’t help address a pervasive problem or market challenge, it isn’t going to be impactful. In the webinar, Adrian and I explored major trends and market data that are currently top of mind for businesses around the globe.

As the image shows, customer experience is overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator, and trust is the main currency for customer experience. This trust – in the form of customer profile, consent and preference data – needs to be honored at every interaction point businesses have with customers, managed in a central and secure location and orchestrated across the organization.

Solving for this challenge builds more trusted relationships with customers and helps address  regional data protection regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Client Input Is Key

Client input is another key driver for our product update strategy. In 2017, we held two global customer advisory board meetings, which enabled clients to tell us what they liked about our products, and key areas of innovation that would align with their strategic goals.

“Our customers are a very important part of what we develop, how we go to market,” I said during the broadcast. “[They help] pave the way to innovation.”

As a result, we delivered 44 features in 2017, and in 2018, client input continued to greatly impact our product strategy.

The Results: Product Updates that Make a Difference

The first quarter of 2018 showed how market trends and client input can combine with dynamic product development to make changes that matter.

For example, let’s look at the redesigned Identity Access Studio console.

Our team accomplished this update to help our clients improve the experiences they can offer customers. In this redesign, the console streamlines rapid responses to common customer requests such as password resets and communication preference changes. Through this rapid response, customers will trust our clients more and be more willing to interact with them as time goes by.

The redesign also makes the console easier to use. Guided by client input, we streamlined the user experience to browse, view, search for, edit and manage customer profiles. These enhancements enable our clients to better manage their customer data and find profile data faster.

The innovation continues with our updates to SAP Hybris Consent. Creating more trust between consumers and businesses is both a market trend and a main goal of the GDPR. The regulations outline the business requirements, but through client input, we designed our solution to put the user experience first.

In the first quarter of 2018, we improved SAP Hybris Consent’s audit-ready environment by adding the ability to easily perform and view a LogIn ID audit. This means our clients can now procure consent records for accounts deleted by customers over the last seven years.

We also improved the audit-readiness of our clients by adding active hyperlinks to terms of service, privacy policies and other consent statements. This improvement addresses another requirement of the sweeping data protection regulation: the ability to provide auditors access to the agreements stating the purpose for using personal data.

For More Information…

Adrian and I covered several more meaningful updates during the presentation. You can watch the entire webinar here.

Also, be on the lookout for more quarterly Product Update webinars. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s new for all of our solutions.

By Ratul Shah

Gigya has updated its Privacy Policy as Gigya, Inc. has been acquired by SAP America, Inc. and Gigya has updated the information regarding how we collect and use your Personal Data. You can see the updated Privacy Policy here.