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Best of Breed: American Kennel Club Drives Member Registration with Customer Identity Management

The legendary American Kennel Club, a stalwart of showcasing canines on their best behavior, faced a challenge more akin to herding cats: Member data was scattered everywhere and its homegrown solution couldn’t get the problem under control.

The AKC’s drive to increase registration and collect actionable data required intense customization, and that translated into hours upon hours of staff costs.

The goals were clear: build, customize and deploy registration forms and workflows that increased membership and yielded a clearer customer picture.

But somehow this concept of sorting data like dog breeds ended up as a mongrel off the leash, careening side to side down the sidewalk in an attempt to mark every territorial point. Each misstep or unscripted stop added to operational costs for the venerable canine association.

So, just as a dog trainer handles a new pup, Gigya helped the AKC get its data on a tight leash.

By deploying its Customer Identity Management solution, Gigya gave the AKC an end-to-end registration platform that clarified workflows, helped reconcile registration redundancies and provided a social login option that supports more than 25 third-party social media providers.

Not only has the AKC saved time and money with Gigya’s solution, the payback for their marketing programs outlined in our new case study includes:

  • 75 percent rise in registration rates;
  • 70 percent hike in social media signups;
  • 50 percent increase in email open rates; and
  • 100 percent boost in click-throughs on emails

The ease of registration is particularly noteworthy because it turned anonymous site visitors into known, engaged customers, increasing AKC’s value per user by 35 present.

We congratulate AKC on these astounding returns, and we’re happy to share our methods with you too!

By Andrew Nguyen

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