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2016 Consumer Identity Predictions: Part 1

Thanks to the continued growth of regional privacy regulations, the Internet of Things and biometric authentication, 2015 saw a marked change in the way leading enterprises approached and understood customer identities.

2016 promises to be a year of enhanced development in the customer identity management (CIM) space, with customer experience, data privacy and personalization proving to be increasingly critical components of business success.

We’ve outlined five identity-related trends we foresee taking hold in the new year – the first of which is detailed below. We will be revealing additional predictions in future posts within this series.

Prediction #1: Traditional usernames and passwords will begin to die.

Consumer patience is all but disappearing as real-time, frictionless access to information, applications and social connections proliferates. Technologies like social authentication and Apple’s Touch ID have have become exceedingly popular in light of the increasing emphasis on convenience.

According to a 2015 study, 88% of US consumers claim to have logged into a website or mobile application using social authentication, citing dissatisfaction with spending time filling out registration forms as the number one reason why they choose to log in socially.

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2016 is poised for a continuation of this trend, with traditional usernames and passwords slowly moving toward extinction. As advanced means of biometric authentication gain greater adoption and mobile becomes the new norm, consumers will continue to opt for signing in using their existing social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and payment (Amazon, PayPal, etc.) credentials or thumbprints over creating and remembering another username and password.



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By Patrick Salyer

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