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We’re #1! Gigya Gets the Highest Score from Gartner For Customer Identity Management

I’m excited to share the news that Gartner, the most influential voice in IT market and technology research, has just released an in-depth report on identity management as a service (IDaaS)* and gave Gigya the highest score for the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) use case in a crowded field of 18 vendors.

You can see for yourself – the full report is available for viewing, with no registration required, at

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While I won’t deny that Gigya’s #1 ranking is the most exciting part of the report for me, Gartner makes another important point by dividing their analysis into three categories: Workforce To SaaS, Traditional/Legacy Workforce, and Business-to-Consumer.

There’s a big difference, I believe, between the categories known as Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), even though the acronyms are almost the same.

IAM is all about locking down enterprise networks to make sure only authorized employees gain access, often through complex security steps that consumers would never tolerate.

CIAM is all about building trusted relationships that transform unknown online users into known customers.

Leadership in IAM doesn’t equal leadership in CIAM, and vice versa. Indeed, the rankings in the three categories of Gartner’s IDaaS report look very different – as they should.

We’re very appreciative for both Gartner’s recognition of Gigya, and for their insight in drawing a clear line in the sand between IAM and CIAM.

* Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Identity and Access Management as a Service, Worldwide,” by Neil Wynne and Gregg Kreizman, 29 September 2016.

By Patrick Salyer

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