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Social Login

Allow users to sign-in or register on your site using an account from their preferred social network. Social Login also provides you with valuable first-party user data such as demographics, interests and activities. Read more about Social Login.
share gohawaii Travel & Hospitality


Give travelers an easy way to share their favorite destinations and travel bookings with friends and family. Gigya’s Share plugin allows users to share content to multiple social networks with one click, and can even prompt users to share after taking specific actions on your site like rating a hotel or booking a flight. All shares are optimized in social feeds to help drive high-quality referral traffic. Read more about the Share Plugin.
Comments 400 Travel & Hospitality

Social Plugins

Drive engagement and activity for your community. With plugins like Ratings & Reviews, users can rate and post feedback on destinations, hotels and more by logging in with their social identity or site credentials. Posted reviews can be shared to multiple social networks with one click. Activity from social plugins is automatically tracked and can be displayed through a real-time activity feed. Read more about our Social Plugins.
gamification notification 400 Travel & Hospitality


Turn everyday users into advocates. Gamification rewards users for valuable actions like rating a hotel or booking a flight. With Gigya, gamification actions are automatically tracked so you can easily generate meaningful user engagement with minimal resources. Read more about Gamification.
social analytics 400 Travel & Hospitality

Social Analytics

Discover what content is driving activity and social traffic, and optimize share options and user incentives to maximize exposure. Identify which users share the most, have the most friends and followers and drive the most engagement on your site. Read more about Social Analytics.
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