Misuse Resolution

Gigya is working with the Future of Privacy Forum and leading privacy and safety experts through an independent advisory board to oversee and provide ongoing guidance for the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Program. Businesses that receive SocialPrivacy™ Certification are subjected to an in-depth audit to verify that approved guidelines are being followed. As an additional safeguard to keep SocialPrivacy™-certified businesses accountable, the Data Misuse Resolution Program allows you to report data misuse by websites the displaying SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal.

Data Misuse Form Guidelines

Gigya reviews all misuse reports and does everything in its power to resolve disputes between SocialPrivacy™-certified websites and their users, as those disputes relate to the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Program Requirements. Before filing a complaint through the Data Misuse Form, please do the following:

  • Confirm that the website or application in question is SocialPrivacy™-certified
  • Confirm that your concern is within the scope of SocialPrivacy™ Certification Program Requirements
  • Contact the SocialPrivacy™-certified website or application in question first to resolve the issue

If you have taken these steps, and would like to file a complaint, you can do so through the Data Misuse Form.

Processing Reports of Misuse

After your complaint is filed, we will review it to ensure that it’s valid. From there, we will work with the SocialPrivacy™-certified partner to come to a resolution.

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