Premium Gamification Services

End-to-end gamification implementation.

On-site Implementation Consulting provides you with access to a team of experienced implementation engineers who can provide you with implementation assistance in person. Our team of engineers will work with you to review your specific needs, ramp developer knowledge, quickly get your website or app live, and provide a scalable strategy for growth. Typically, customers take advantage of On-site Implementation Consulting for the reasons listed below.

Custom Badge Design (one-time service)

Allow our UX team to build your entire badge library, designing badges that are customized to match both the content of your website and the aesthetic of your brand.

Game Architecture Design

Leverage the industry’s leading gamification experts to design your game architecture. This service includes defining challenges, assigning point values, and devising the names of your challenges and levels.

Full-Service Configuration

Get up and running faster by allowing our gamification experts to implement and manage the entire back-end configuration for your game. As part of the service, we will input your challenges, actions, and levels, as well as define point levels and thresholds along the way.

Optimization Support

Collaborate with our team to establish effective methods for tracking your KPIs so you can monitor and optimize gamification performance over time. On a monthly basis, our gamification experts will help you review your system’s reports, helping you to identify and incorporate trends to consistently refine your system and cater to your user base.