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Social Login

Capture social data by allowing users to quickly connect to your site with a social identity. With this data you can provide users with a personalized experience that will keep them engaged and coming back for more. Read more about Social Login.
share 400 Media & Publishing


Make it easy for users to drive word-of-mouth traffic to your site’s most compelling content. With Gigya’s Share plugins, you can quickly add sharing features like the Share Bar or Share plugin to allow users to drive referral traffic from social networks back to your site. Read more about the Share Plugin.
gamification activity 400 Media & Publishing

Social Plugins

Enable users to share opinions on content and broadcast to multiple social networks with plugins like Ratings & Reviews, Reactions and Live Chat. Show activity from these plugins and other tagged actions in an activity feed that automatically displays activity from friends and your entire site community in real-time. Read more about our Social Plugins.
Comments 400 Media & Publishing


Initiate user conversations across your site. The Comments plugin builds your site community by allowing users to comment on articles and news items. It is fully customizable with pre and post-moderation features and enables users to syndicate comments to Facebook, driving valuable social traffic back to your site. Read more about the Comments Plugin.
gamification notification 400 Media & Publishing


Reward you audience for engaging with content and becoming an active member of your site’s community. With Gamification, you can reward users for reading articles, commenting and engaging with your community. All Gamification plugins are integrated with social networks and promote friendly competition that will keep your users coming back for more. Read more about Gamification.
social analytics 400 Media & Publishing

Social Analytics

Discover what content is driving activity and social traffic, then optimize share options and user incentives to maximize exposure. Social Analytics makes it easy to identify what content users share the most, which users have the most friends and followers and drive the most engagement on your site. Read more about Social Analytics.
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