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Social Login

Social Login makes it easy for users to sign-up for a promotional offer or product updates by registering or signing-in with a social identity from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. When users sign-up via Social Login, your brand gains access to robust user information like age, demographics, interests, likes and email addresses. Read more about Social Login.
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Drive brand awareness with share plugins that allow users to broadcast content to multiple social networks with one click. All of Gigya’s Share plugins are white labeled and can be customized to match your brand. Read more about the Share Plugin.
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Social Plugins

Allow users to engage with your site’s content to spark consumer interest and encourage conversation around your brand. Gigya’s Social Plugins are integrated with all major social networks, allowing users to easily interact with your site’s content and with each other. Read more about Social Plugins.
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Make it easy for users to initiate conversation on your site. The Comments plugin builds your site community by allowing users to comment on any piece of content across your site. It is fully customizable with pre and post-moderation features and enables users to share comments to Facebook, bringing in valuable social traffic. Read more about the Comments Plugin.
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Turn everyday users into strong brand advocates. With Gamification you can reward users for valued actions like taking a survey and driving social referral traffic. Gamification helps create meaningful relationships with your users and encourages positive behaviors around your brand. Read more about Gamification.
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Social Analytics

Identify your site’s top influencers and determine which users are driving engagement on your site. Gigya’s iRank report shows which users have the most friends, share the most and drive the most buzz around your brand. Read more about Social Analytics.
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