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Powering Identity-Driven Relationships

Identify and understand your audience, access and manage cross-channel customer data, and build personalized, meaningful customer journeys.

Increase Customer Acquisition

On-site engagement tools drive registration conversions while enabling you to collect behavioral insights on your customers, which you can then use to further personalize the brand experience.

Know Your Customers

Turn anonymous site visitors into known customers by prompting visitors to share rich identity information about themselves using Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service and Social Login solutions. Our Social Plugins and Gamification tools offer added incentives to encourage more users to register and connect with your brand.

Identify Customers Across Channels

Recognize customers as they move and interact with your business across your web properties, email, social networks, mobile devices and more by tying all omni-channel activities to individual user identities, giving your business the ability to construct more cohesive cross-channel experiences.

Rich Customer Profiles

Through custom sign up forms and social login, your brand can access dynamic, permission-based data housed within customers’ social profiles to give you a first-party look at their locations, interests, relationships and more.
rich customer profiles
Single Customer View

Achieve a Single Customer View

Data silos across the organization result in a disorganized customer view and disjointed user experiences. Gigya’s cloud-hosted Identity Storage Database directly integrates and bidirectionally syncs with over 50 leading analytics, service and marketing software platforms, consolidating all cross-channel consumer data into a single repository of truth.

Maintain Data Governance & Transparency

Gigya increases data transparency with end users while making it easy for businesses to handle the complexities of responsible data management. The Identity Storage Database builds in flexibility to comply with data governance and social network privacy policies.
Turn Data into Action

Turn Data into Action

Business agility requires enabling your organization to make data-driven decisions in real-time. Gigya’s Identity Storage automatically normalizes and indexes any type of data thrown your way, allowing non-technical decision makers to run complex queries based on any number of indexed attributes, build custom audience segments, and save and export key reports via the Consumer Insights dashboard.

Customize the User Experience

Build brand affinity, attract and engage more customers, and offer better customer service with completely customized user experiences crafted around users’ identities and behavioral patterns.
Customize User Experience
Personalize Campaigns

Personalize Campaigns

Develop personal customer relationships by leveraging first-party data to tailor campaigns and increase ROI.

Increase Digital Advertising Revenue

Drive advertising dollars with informed, complete user identity profiles for more relevant targeting.
Digital Advertising Revenue
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