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Build consumer trust with SocialPrivacy™ Certification.

Assure users that your business adheres to the highest standard of social data management practices with the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal. When users see the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal throughout the login and registration flows of your website, they can confidently authenticate their identities knowing precisely how their personal information will be used, and that your business is following specific guidelines regarding first party data collection and usage. Apply Now

SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal Requirements

In order for your website or mobile application to display the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal, you must pass a certification process, and agree to adhere to the following criteria regarding social data collection and usage:

Data Protection

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not sell the social profile data of users or their friends to third parties. This includes not sharing any social profile data with a third party unless the third party acts on behalf of the certified website (for example, as a vendor or service provider).

Social Publishing

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not publicly post to a user’s social network account on behalf of a user without the user’s explicit permission.

Friend Protection

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not send private messages to a user’s friend(s) unless prompted by the user.

Email Opt-In

Social Privacy™-certified websites will not use personal information obtained via social login to send newsletters or promotional emails unless users have opted-in to such notifications. Social Privacy™-certified websites will also stop sending any such emails if a user unsubscribes.

Benefits to Your Business

About the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Program

The SocialPrivacy™ Certification Program and SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal are designed to create transparency between businesses and consumers when consumers authenticate their online identity via social login. Gigya is working with the Future of Privacy Forum and leading privacy and safety experts through an independent advisory board to oversee and provide ongoing guidance for the certification program. Gigya’s Privacy and Safety Advisory Board is composed of distinguished privacy leaders, including Jules Polonetsky, director of the Future of Privacy Forum, Jill Nissen, Acting Gigya Chief Privacy Officer, Anne Collier, Co-director of ConnectSafely, and Omer Tene, Affiliate Scholar at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society.
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