Single Sign-on

single sign on

Create a seamless user experience across multiple websites.

Single Sign-On is a turnkey authentication solution that syncs user login states as users navigate from one of your web properties to another, or to a third party application that sits within your site. It integrates with Social Login and traditional registration systems, and adding new domains is easy with Single Sign On implementation.

Seamless Navigation

SSO automatically recognizes users and authenticates identities as users move from one of your web properties to the next.


Choice of Login

SSO lets users sign-in via Social Login or with credentials from your existing user database.


Link Accounts

SSO allows you to link user accounts between traditional and social accounts, and unify user records across all of your digital channels.


Simple Implementation

SSO implementation takes little coding and minimal development work, so it’s easy to add or remove domains.



Rely on Gigya’s flexible, secure and easy to integrate database architecture that is proven in high-scale web environments.

Universal Logout

For security and usability measures, SSO logs users out from all active site instances when they click any logout button.