Dallas Morning News Increases Quality Comments

Dallasnews.com was using a traditional open commenting system that allowed for user anonymity, and made it easy for spambots to leave irrelevant comments.

In an effort to increase user engagement across its site, improve the quality of user comments on articles and reduce comment moderation costs on dallasnews.com, Dallas Morning News implemented Gigya’s Social Login and Comments.

Learn how Dallas Morning News improved comment quality and streamlined moderation:

  • 92% increase in commenting activity
  • 95% decrease in labor needs for comment moderation
  • Varied distribution of logins across six identity providers

Download the Case Study

Unibail pdf


“Gigya’s Comments gives us the ability to create a more customized user experience on the front-end while also providing a much more robust moderating experience on the back-end.”

Dallas Morning News

Michael Landauer

Digital Communities Manager
Dallas Morning News

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