Additional Features

Collect, manage and leverage customer identities and data with a series of platform features designed for identity management success. Consumer insight analytics has never been easier!



Access more than 20 key reports, including new users, demographics and referred traffic, to better understand your audience and measure on-site behaviors. Query users based on any number of collected attributes, and integrate directly with leading analytics providers to gauge the impact of particular behaviors on site performance.


Monitor user-level privileges and permissions within the Gigya administrative console. Track all activities taken by individual administrators, as well as any changes made to end-user records with a detailed trail log.

Customer Insights

Visualize the first-party demographic data of any user who connects with your brand, including his or her age, gender, relationship status, location and more. Enhance audience understanding and identify key influencers all from a simple, web-based dashboard.

Customer Insights Plus

Customer Insights Plus

Gain a deeper understanding of your users with the ability to view their Facebook Likes, favorite brands and more. View and segment users by interest, demographic and influencer data using pre-built or custom filters. Build reports and export audience segments to existing third-party marketing platforms to reach users with relevance at scale.

Data Store

House any and all user-related data within Data Store, including objects associated with or shared by multiple users. Storing extended data that your business does not need to access routinely optimizes Profile Management performance. Information within Data Store can be pulled into Profile Management with a simple API call.​​


Federation uses the SAML protocol to allow users seamless access across your business’ touchpoints without having to reenter or create new usernames and passwords, regardless of whether these touchpoints are managed by third parties or do not share a database.

Identity Access

Identity Access

Easily manage high volumes of user records and get a complete view of any customer within your database from a user-friendly dashboard. Search by email, name, user ID and more to view users’ profile details and edit site-specific data.

Identity Compliance

Eliminate the complexities of managing various data laws and social network policies through features such as automatic account deletion and user data controls. Keep your user data fresh by automatically updating records as users make important Facebook profile updates, including changes to their locations, relationship statuses and interests.

Passwordless Authentication via Mobile One-Time PIN

Give users the option to register or log in from desktop, laptop or mobile devices by entering their mobile phone numbers. A one-time PIN is sent to the user’s device, and when she enters the code, she is automatically logged in, with no new password combination to remember.

Progressive & Conditional Profiling

Build rich profiles by capturing additional identity data over time as your customer relationships develop. Optimize registrations with conditional workflows that automatically trigger form fields based on inputs to previous fields or pre-existing data about a user.

Roles & Permissions

Assign levels of permissions to restrict areas of Gigya’s admin console, API calls and specific data fields based on user roles. Control individual brands’ access to a shared database at the API level, and bolster security with unique user and application keys to sign and restrict server-side API calls for console users, developers and third-party integrations.


Define and track custom, on-site activities including purchase behaviors and ad clicks. Calculate the economic value and impact of on-site engagement by connecting behavioral signals with KPIs. Create custom queries and segments based on any number of attributes to identify the user characteristics and actions driving revenue for your business.

Single Sign-on

Sync users’ login states as they navigate across your owned and operated web properties to provide a more seamless cross-channel experience. SSO integrates with social login and traditional registration systems, and unifies user records across all of your digital channels.

Two-Factor & Risk-Based Authentication

Ensure the validity of users’ identities and minimize account phishing by adding an additional authentication step during the login process. You can also flag risky behaviors like logins from new locations or devices to dynamically invoke a second authentication factor in the form of a one-time PIN sent to the user’s email or mobile phone via text or voice message.

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