Start turning anonymous site visitors into known customers with the ability to identify and understand users across your web properties, mobile applications and marketing channels.

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Why Gigya

Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform enables business leaders to identify customers across devices, build rich customer profiles and provide more personal experiences across channels and campaigns.

At the same time, Gigya’s technology provides developers with the APIs they need to easily build and maintain secure and scalable registration, authentication, profile management and third-party integrations.


From Analytics and Customer Insights to Federation and SSO, Gigya’s platform offers the features you need to collect, protect, manage and make use of customer identities and data.

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Introducing, Your Customers

Don’t waste time and money marketing to unknown customers. Prompt anonymous site visitors to self-identify and share information about themselves via RaaS and Social Login. Custom sign up forms and social login give you a first-party look at customer locations, interests, relationships and more, as well as the ability to recognize users as they move across channels. Capture and consolidate all cross-channel identity and behavioral data into the Profile Management database for the single view needed to create personalized user experiences.

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Work Smarter

Traditional IAM systems simply weren’t designed to deal with the complexity and scale of data in today’s marketplace. Don’t go it alone: partner with Gigya to enable safe collection and management of key first-party and behavioral data from a variety of sources, and leave privacy compliance and social updates to us. Use our suite of more than 50 pre-built integrations with top technology partners to quickly build out next-generation digital marketing strategies that monetize your customer profiles. Breathe easily with Gigya’s industry-leading security standards for storage and transaction of your valuable data.

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