Improve loyalty and retention while learning more about your customers by rewarding valuable on-site behaviors with gamification.


Game Mechanics

Increase customer retention and develop engagement scoring by creating challenges, assigning values to site actions, uploading achievements and more, all from a web-based game mechanics dashboard.

Gigya Loyaty Gamification

Gamification Plugins

Recognize and reward desired behaviors with out-of-the-box, socially-integrated and customizable plugins for achievement showcases, leaderboards, progress bars and real-time notifications.


Gamification Analytics

Gain insight into key metrics like top users or daily activities, and rank users by social loyalty and customer engagement. Build out more rich, actionable user profiles by effectively tying user identities to on-site behaviors.

Gigya Loyalty Gamification API

Gamification API

In addition to rewarding users for interacting with any of Gigya’s engagement plugins, our gamification platform API makes it easy to gamify any custom elements and actions across your site.

Technology Buyer

Win at Gamification

Take advantage of Gigya’s industry-leading loyalty features via core API access or with customizable plugins. Easily integrate Gigya’s gamification solutions with any existing loyalty programs—physical or virtual—without the burden of maintenance or constant updates.

We secure your data through advanced encryption algorithms and maintain consistency with near real-time bi-directional synchronization. What’s more, Gigya offers anti-fraud functionality that includes the ability to set daily and lifetime caps and minimum intervals per action to limit throttling and prevent users from gaming the system.

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