Web-Scale Performance and Availability

Collect, store and manage customer data with a robust, high-performance cloud platform purpose-built to serve massive global customer bases.

Legacy Systems and Strategies can Hold Businesses Back

Enterprises trying to pivot to customer-first strategies often hit roadblocks in the form of systems that were designed to manage employee profiles and access, not drive great customer experience. Internet scale and always-on performance are vital requirements for leveraging customer identity to drive growth.

Manage Identities with a Platform Made for the Age of the Customer

Gigya’s cloud-based Customer Identity Management platform is designed specifically to manage customer data for the global enterprise, reliably processing millions of identities and billions of data points at the high transactional velocity experienced by today’s global digital enterprises.

Performance and Availability Features


Multiple Data Centers

Gigya’s four regional data centers deliver always-on, responsive performance and scalability, with state-of-the-art, SSAE-16 certified hosting and continuous backup and protection of data. Gigya owns and operates its Equinix-hosted US server farm and another primary data center in Russia. Two more AWS-based data centers serving the EU and APAC regions ensure that our international clients can meet requirements of data protection and privacy laws around the globe.


Scale and Performance

Gigya’s CIAM platform is built to scale horizontally on commodity hardware. Our servers never exceed 20% utilization under typical conditions, offering 400% capacity reserves in case of unforeseen spikes in traffic. Our system’s performance is proven both by our regular handling of large bursts of traffic during some of our clients’ live and breaking news events, as well as the many enterprise companies leveraging our platform to manage tens of millions of identities. Gigya manages over 1.2 billion user identities and processes more than 15 billion API calls each month across our entire platform.



Gigya contractually guarantees 99.9% uptime, and regularly maintains uptime of 99.98% across all datacenters, which is publicly monitored through Pingdom. Notifications of Service Degradation events are sent directly to client administrators via a dashboard on Gigya’s Admin Console as well as via email.

Gigya employs a multi-layer data loss protection architecture with special emphasis on short Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) in case of failure. All data is replicated in real time to standby servers in a secondary data center providing at least n+1 redundancy in two geographic regions. Critical data is also replicated on-premise to provide n+2 redundancy and allow for immediate and transparent recovery, with no data loss, in case of hardware failure.

In addition to these measures, disk snapshots and offline backups are regularly taken. All communication lines are redundant, as are all Gigya-owned network devices. Databases are deployed in redundant clusters and all servers are dual homed on redundant switches.

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