Live Chat Plugin

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Let users join real-time conversations.

The Social Live Chat plugin lets users chat and share activities with friends and your site’s larger community in real-time. Users can participate by logging-in with their preferred social network and have the option to broadcast messages to social feeds and encourage friends to join in on the conversation. Social Live Chat is a must-have for live events such as live video streaming, webcasts, web chats and webinars, as it provides a powerful way to engage users and drive social traffic.

Social Graph Integration

The Social Live Chat plugin leverages the social graph by displaying chat messages from friends/followers in real-time. Chat participants are given the option to chat with everyone on the site, or toggle within the plugin interface to message directly with connected social network friends.



Design the Social Live Chat plugin to match the look-and-feel of your site. All elements of the plugin UI are customizable via CSS and can easily be modified to provide users with a seamless site experience. Additionally, Live Chat UI skins can be configured via the Gigya Platform, simplifying the process of customizing individual chat components.


Social Integration

The Social Live Chat website plugin is integrated with Social Login, so users can participate by connecting with a preferred social account from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and more.


Social Syndication

The Social Live Chat plugin gives users the option to broadcast chat messages to multiple social networks in one click. Shared chat messages contain links back to your event and help drive high-quality social referral traffic.


Tweet Fetching

The Social Live Chat plugin is able to pull in conversations around specific topics by fetching Tweets that relate to subjects discussed in your site’s chat sessions – all in real-time.


User Promotion

Promote influential messages by highlighting chats from celebrities, industry experts and other high-profile users participating in your chat session.


Easy Integration

Social Live Chat is easy to add to any site and instantly works with all of Gigya’s Social Plugins, making implementation fast and painless.


Built for Scale

The Social Live Chat plugin is tested and proven in high-traffic environments, handling thousands of users and chat messages at a time. Chat messages can also be exported for analysis on metrics like volume and common subjects throughout chat sessions.