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Welcome to the Gigya IDX marketplace, where you can make Gigya the center of your marketing ecosystem. Add value to your cloud-based CRM Systems, CMS, eCommerce, analytics and other deployments by integrating Gigya with your marketing technologies.


Content Management Systems (CMS) work with Gigya to provide users with an engaging site experience that makes it easy for businesses to learn about their customers. Seamlessly integrate Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service, Social Login and Engagement and Loyalty plugins across web properties with little time and minimal development resources required. Capture first-party identity and behavioral data as users register and engage, and use it to better understand customers, create relevant on-site experiences and drive conversions.

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems integrate with Gigya to measurably improve marketing organizations’ interactions with customers and prospects. Gigya-integrated CRM systems use identity-based profiling and behavioral-tracking technology to automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support—thereby enhancing business agility, customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

Data Onboarding

Data onboarding providers enable marketers to leverage rich customer information stored in their offline data warehouses for more accurate campaign and media targeting. With our pre-built integrations into these solutions, businesses can upload and anonymize first-party profile data from Gigya’s Profile Management database, match those profiles across channels using existing attributes from ad tech partners, then create addressable audience segments to target with highly relevant digital advertising and marketing messages.


Data Management Platform (DMP) integrations combine first-party profile and site data collected through Gigya’s RaaS, Social Login and site plugins with third-party insights. Match existing DMP data to known users upon registration to build rich user profiles, and enable a new targeting dimension based on a deeper understanding of customer interests and behaviors. Create detailed audience segments for any campaign type, make smarter media buying decisions and gain deeper visibility into marketing ROI.


eCommerce integrations with Gigya technology offer the ability to seamlessly integrate Gigya’s Registration-as-a-Service, Social Login and Engagement and Loyalty plugins across eCommerce properties. Capture first-party identity and behavioral data as users register, browse and purchase, and use it to better understand shoppers, increase cart conversions and nurture repeat purchases.

Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) integrations automate bidirectional data passes between Gigya and other key data sources. Aggregate user records across data silos into Gigya’s dynamic-schema customer database, or pipe Gigya’s first-party profile and behavioral data into desired systems for immediate use. Automated ETL processes and synchronization between databases improve data accuracy and organization, enable deeper customer understanding and provide a single customer view.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification integrations allow you to validate user identities against existing databases to confirm they are legitimate. Strike a balance between usability and security by allowing users to register with just two clicks using Gigya’s Social Login functionality on the front-end, while securely authenticating their identities on the back-end. Protect your business and your customers by blocking fraudulent identities at the front door to minimize phishing, identity theft and payment fraud.

Marketing Automation and Email

Marketing Automation technology and Email Service Providers integrate with Gigya to reach users with targeted, customized marketing campaigns. Go beyond the impersonal email blasts of the past and leverage Gigya’s rich customer data to transform automated campaigns into personalized, 1:1 user experiences. Grow acquisition and propel leads through the sales pipeline by reaching customers with messaging that aligns with their real-time interests, actions and behaviors, regardless of channel or device.

On-Site Application

On-Site Applications simplify the process of integrating Gigya’s Social Login, Sharing and Loyalty tools into websites, as well as facilitate seamless authentication across those Gigya components and other website tools like forums and survey software. Create a truly personalized and interactive brand experience by assembling customer profiles that tie users’ permission-based identity data to their on-site actions.


Personalization solutions enable businesses to create a unique experience for each customer on every visit to their site or app. These powerful tools create a unique profile for each customer in real time as they browse, shop or search, employing machine learning to make ongoing fine-grained adjustments to surfaced content, products and even page format based on each customer’s behavior. The more customers engage, the more customized their experience becomes, leading to higher conversions, bigger average order values and increased brand loyalty.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engines integrated with the Gigya platform power highly relevant experiences by surfacing the products and content customers are mostly likely to engage with. Connect customers with just the right items based on their interests, expressed preferences and previous behaviors, as collected and stored by Gigya’s platform. Increase on-site KPIs, drive shopping cart conversions and build customer relationships with dynamic, customized recommendations.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics systems work with Gigya to join customer insights collected via Gigya’s Social Login, Social Engagement Plugins and Loyalty offering to comprehensive on-site behavioral tracking and reporting. Analyze the influence of user engagement and specific site actions on conversions and other KPIs already being tracked to further understand and improve marketing performance.

Technology Buyer

Put Your Data to Work

Modern technologies offer new ways to align IT as a top-line business enabler, but custom integrations are expensive and time-consuming. Get to market faster using Gigya’s out-of-the-box integration with a growing list of partners ranging from traditional CRM systems to cutting edge marketing automation and analytics technologies.

Direct REST-based API connections eliminate the upfront cost and risk of in-house deployments requiring custom resource connectors and adapters, as well as ongoing, time-intensive change management. Gigya gets you to market in record time with a simple, low-maintenance solution for integrating with 50+ partners in industries that include:

Content Management Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Data Management Platforms
Extract, Transform & Load
Identity Verification
Marketing Automation and Email
On-Site Applications
Recommendation Engines
Web Analytics

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