Gigya helps companies across a wide variety of industry verticals identify, understand and build relationships with their customers.

Gigya for Business B2B


Gigya enables your business to better serve and sell to fellow businesses by transforming registration data, user preferences and site behaviors into actionable customer profiles. With Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform,  B2B brands can:

  • Streamline registration and login
  • Personalize user experiences and sales processes
  • Optimize lead-scoring and sales efficiencies

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“Identity is where marketing is heading and Gigya is at the forefront of how we understand and reach our users.”


Ryan Saghir

Digital Communications Manager
The Dannon Company

“Implementing Gigya was a top priority as we built our website and iOS application. As one of our first major investments, Gigya's platform has been instrumental in Rallyhood's exponential growth and success.”


Lori Durham

VP of Operations

“HBR has been a satisfied Gigya client for four years now. Gigya's technology continues to save us significant development time and resources.”

Harvard Business Review

Kevin Newman

Director of Technology
Harvard Business Review