Identity Storage

Identity Storage

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Security and Performance

Gigya’s platform is Safe Harbor Certified, ISO27001 compliant, regularly scanned by PCI-approved scanning vendors, and proven in high-scale enterprise environments. Gigya also owns and operates its own hardware, with real-time data backup.

Fully Indexed Data

Identity Storage immediately indexes your data so you can search your entire user base using any combination of user attributes. Its SQL-like query structure provides a flexible and easy-to-use means of retrieving user segments at scale.


Identity Storage automatically captures social profile data that is passed from social networks as users authenticate on your website. In seconds, rich social profile data is indexed and readily available for search queries.

NEXUS Integration

Enhance your existing marketing solutions and business applications with rich social profile by leveraging our NEXUS Partner Ecosystem.

Database Features

Identity Storage is built with a dynamic-schema that can seamlessly process massive amounts of user data that traditional databases are not optimized to handle at scale. It optimizes the way user data is organized, toggling between the need for a schema and the ability to absorb unstructured data at scale via a schemaless architecture.

  • Schema Architecture – Sorts traditional fields like name, email, and birthday
  • Schemaless Architecture – Indexes complex data like interest, social connections, and site activity