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Game Mechanics

Our comprehensive dashboard makes integrating game mechanics such as actions, points, challenges, rewards and notifications easy to setup and optimize.

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Gamification Plugins

Gamification comes with a variety of plugins including an achievements showcase, activity feed, leaderboard, progress bar, real-time notifications and more. With Gigya, you have the option to quickly implement these ready-made plugins, or customize your own interface to match the look-and-feel of your site. All gamification plugins are fully integrated with social networks and are designed with user engagement and retention in mind.

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Gamification API

Gamification includes flexible Gamification APIs so you can easily reward users for interacting with social plugins and additional elements throughout your site.

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Gamification Analytics

Gamification reports provide insight into key metrics such as top users, daily activities and users by achievement or level. All reports are integrated with Gigya’s Analytics, and provide comprehensive reporting across your entire site, so you can tie customers’ profiles with their on-site behaviors.

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