Gamification Plugins

Gamification Plugins

Gamify your site or mobile app.

Gamify your site or app with a variety of plugins that are built with total flexibility and infinite customization options. With Gigya, you have the option to quickly implement from a set of ready-made plugins, or use Gigya’s social media Gamification APIs to fully customize your own user interface.


The Leaderboard plugin highlights top performers and can be filtered by time period, achievement type, and content type. It leverages the social graph to display connected friends and to encourage friendly competition within your site community. The Leaderboard seamlessly integrates with your site and allows Gamification admins to define layout options like size and number of users to display. The Leaderboard shows a user’s profile photo, name and rank, and awards the top three ranking gamers with a medal. On mouse-over, detailed information like total points and badges are displayed to satisfy other curious users.

Profile Plugin

The Profile plugin displays a user’s current status and social rank, and provides a complete overview of where any given user stands within your gamified environment. Within the plugin, users have full control over privacy settings such as showing notifications when an achievement is earned, or auto-sharing newly earned badges to social networks.


The Achievements plugin serves as a showcase for user rewards and displays badges earned for multiple challenges. When users hover over each badge, the plugin displays a tool-tip with a description of the badge and instructions on how to unlock the next level. Additional locked badges are also displayed within the plugin to motivate users to unlock new badges by continuing to engage in valuable site activity.


The Notification plugin alerts users when they unlock new badges. Notifications highlight the badge earned, along with a customizable description of the badge and what actions are needed to earn the next badge. The plugin also makes it easy for users to share new achievements with friends in their social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Notifications are integrated with Gigya’s Share Plugin, so you can reward users for sharing badges and award additional points if a shared badge drives traffic back to your site.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed plugin streams real-time user activity and badges earned to any page on your site. The plugin leverages social connections, enabling users to view real-time competitive updates from both social network friends and your entire site community. Users can click on any item within the Activity Feed to explore undiscovered content on your site and learn how to unlock new badges.


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