Gamification API

Gamification Plugins

Fully customize your gamified user experience.

In addition to out-of-the-box gamification plugins, Gigya completes the Gamification package with robust and flexible APIs that make rewarding users for any type of actions easy. These APIs provide complete insight into user behavior from reporting actions, to getting user gamification stats, to providing leaderboard data.

Seamless Interoperability

Gamification APIs automate tracking and rewarding user behavior by leveraging Gigya’s Social Plugins. Additional site activity, including user actions from 3rd party vendors, can also easily be recorded via the Gigya Gamification API.


Social Integration

Gamification APIs are fully integrated with all social networks and leverage social identity and social graph information to allow user activities such as broadcasting achievements to multiple social networks and competition among friends and followers.


Complete Customization

With Gigya you have the choice to apply ready-made plugins, or use gamification APIs to create your own user experience. Gamification APIs are designed for customization and flexibility, making it easy to match the look-and-feel of any type of website.

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