Consumer Insights

Your Customers. Your Data. Your Insights.

Visualize and take action on the first-party and behavioral data of anyone who connects with your brand — all from a simple, web-based dashboard.

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Unlock the Value of Your Audience

Consumer Insights helps you truly understand the people and actions that drive revenue for your business. You’ll be able to quickly build audience segments based on consumer interests, social signals, web activity, demographics, and more to get answers to questions like…

What are the interests of customers who have made purchases of $120 or more?

How many users have brought more than 10 referral visits to my site?

What types of content are most compelling for college grads?

What music artists are most popular among millennials on my site?

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Customers

Quickly access reports on consumer demographics, interests, social actions, revenue activity, and top influencers. From there, build and save audience personas or pick from a selection of pre-set quick filters.

insights know your customers


Breakdown your audience by demographics like gender, age, relationships status, education and location.


Discover what motivates your audience by viewing top likes and preferences for music, movies, and TV shows.

Social Actions

Identify which users are taking key actions such as shares, comments, reviews and gamification actions.

Revenue Activity

Understand what actions and content drive revenue for your business with reports on top content topics, ad clicks and purchase behaviors.

Top Influencers

Identify your most valuable customers by viewing reports for iRank, follower count, referral clicks and more.


View where your customers are connecting from with reports that aggregate geolocation based on a user’s last login location.

Big Data Without the Complications

Segment your customer data in the cloud, and without messy SQL queries and IT requests.

Build Custom Reports in Seconds

Quick filters provide a starting point to dive into audience segments and allow you to drill down for an in-depth look into age groups, geo locations and more.

Power Existiting Platforms

Import audience segments into more than 30 leading marketing platforms through our NEXUS Partner Ecosystem. Find out how much your social data is worth with our Social Data ROI Calculator.
Quick Filters

Track ROI with Signals

Truly understand which types of users and user behaviors result in revenue with Signals – a feature that tracks marketing KPIs.

How Consumer Insights Leads to Revenue

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