Comments Plugin

Comments Plugin

Surface more user-generated content.

The Comments plugin lets users easily add comments to any piece of content on your site. Users can simply login with a preferred social network, site credentials or even as a guest to post comments to both your site and social networks with one click. Posted comments are SEO friendly and help drive social referral traffic when syndicated to social network feeds.

Social Integration

Complete integration with major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more make it easy for users to login (via Social Login, site authentication or as a guest), comment and share to social networks.


Social Syndication

The Comments plugin lets users broadcast comments to multiple social networks in one click. Shared comments automatically link back to the comment page and contribute to social referral traffic, while also creating a sense of online community.



Layout and design of the Comments plugin can easily be customized to fit any site. Admins can choose the number of comments to display, pagination and sort order. Each element of the plugin UI is customizable via CSS, so matching the look-and-feel of your site takes minimal time and resources.



Powerful moderation tools give you as much control as you need to ensure comments on your site remain high-quality. Features like comment hiding, spam filtering, user blocking, word blacklisting, pre and post moderation and comment flagging are all accessible through an easy-to-use dashboard.


Facebook Integration

The Comments plugin is deeply integrated with Facebook. Comments can be posted to Facebook, replied to on Facebook and pulled back into your site’s comments thread to keep the conversation going.

SEO Friendly

All of Gigya’s Social Plugins, including Comments, are SEO friendly and available to all major search engines through HTML rendered pages.

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