Verizon Wireless Case Study

Verizon Wireless: Meeting the Demands of Social Users

Social Infrastructure Case Study Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless service provider in the U.S., needs little introduction. The company is universally recognized as the #1 wireless carrier in the country with more than 108 million subscribers. With such a large user-base, the company recognized the opportunity to build a vibrant, socially connected online community of users. Verizon Wireless began by enlisting the help of digital agency Modal to build Verizon Insider, the online entertainment and lifestyle hub for all of Verizon’s events, contests, sponsorships and social initiatives. The site was set to offer compelling content – now it just needed to be totally social.

A Gamified Environment with Social at its Core

In order to provide a truly social and engaging user experience, Modal teamed up with Gigya to provide Verizon Insider with end-to-end social infrastructure. Gigya was charged with providing a unique user experience that would encourage on-site engagement, social participation and page views. Gigya worked with Modal to implement a fully social and gamified online environment featuring a number of Gigya’s social infrastructure products: Social Login for easy user registration and login as well as access to permission-based social profile data, Comments to allow users to present opinions on content and Share which allows users to distribute content to their social networks. Most importantly, Verizon Wireless and Modal also chose to implement Gigya’s Social Gamification Platform which incentivizes users for engaging with site content using points and badges to reward positive user behaviors. By tying gamification to Gigya’s other products, Verizon Wireless can easily encourage behaviors like commenting on articles and social network sharing which drives valuable referral traffic back to the Verizon Insider site.

Powering Engagement with Social Infrastructure

Leveraging Gigya’s social infrastructure proved to be invaluable in creating real, meaningful on-site engagement on In fact, the combination of Gigya’s Social Plugins and Social Gamification Platform works to create a behavior feedback loop so fluid, that more than 50 percent of the site’s users participate in the gamified environment. Additionally, on average, users who logged in via Social Login spend 30 percent more time on-site versus site login. Those same users also view 15 percent more pages than their site login counterparts. The site’s social integration has made a real impact on how Verizon Wireless reaches and engages with its customers and the company has been thrilled with the results. “Gigya’s social infrastructure was instrumental in helping us reach our social users,” says Beth Tourek, social media strategist at Verizon Wireless. “By allowing users to interact using their social identities, we’re not just engaging with them more effectively but also understanding them like never before.”
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