Forbes: Real ROI with Social Infrastructure

Social ROI Case Study

The Authority on Business News, known as one of the most trusted sources for business and technology news on the web, has built an extremely large and loyal readership that relies on its authoritative content as a primary source for news and analysis. Already reaching 30 million visitors each month, needed a way to unify login options, reach social users, and encourage engagement with the site’s vast array of content. The company came to Gigya with the challenge of creating a full social infrastructure on to show real results such as boosting registrations and engagement with content.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Entry

Determined to increase new user registrations and provide users with a better site experience, Forbes partnered with Gigya to power Social Login on Social Login lets users on the Forbes site register or log in using a preferred identity from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social identity providers. When doing so, users are able to register and log in seamlessly, without needing to complete additional forms or remember new usernames and passwords. At the same time, Forbes gains an incredible understanding of its users via Gigya’s User Management 360 platform, which collects permission-based social profile data of users who authenticate via Social Login. By managing social identity data with Gigya, is able to understand its user base on a remarkably deep level, accessing user traits including interests, activities, Facebook “Likes,” and location data. Once authenticated, users can easily interact with the Forbes community by commenting on articles or following Forbes contributors. Through sharing buttons, users can also syndicate content to their preferred social networks and drive referral traffic to the site using their social identities. These actions are valuable to both users and to Forbes, creating a more robust community on and providing the company with an easy way to obtain feedback from users.

Social Proves its Worth

Giving users the choice to log in and register via Gigya’s Social Login proved to be a huge win for The site saw immediate and sustained impact, with new registrations climbing nearly 100 percent after the site implemented Social Login. Of those new registrations, 67 percent came from users authenticating through Social Login, showcasing a critical mass of users demanding the ability to register and log in with their social accounts. Now, after implementing Social Login, nearly half of all users are using a social identity to log in. Social Login has proved to have a powerful effect not only on registrations and login, but on engagement as well. In fact, since implementing Gigya’s Social Login, the site has enjoyed a significant increase in commenting activity: Comments on content have increased nearly 60 percent with the implementation of Gigya’s technology, as logged-in users can easily comment on content using their social identities and seamlessly follow their favorite Forbes writers. “The impact of Gigya’s social infrastructure technology was apparent immediately at launch,” says Steve McNally, Senior Group Director of Editorial Tools at Forbes. “Even with little initial promotion, we’ve seen significant growth in new members and engagement. We continue to work with our partners at Gigya on the best ways to take advantage of the capabilities and member insights now available to us and our growing community.”
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