Gizmodo: Social Plugins Case Study

Social Plugins Case Study

Scaling Socially

Mediagene is one of Japan’s leading media businesses. The company operates a handful of popular sites such as Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and Kotaku in Japan. Gizmodo – Mediagene’s top performing property in Japan – reaches millions of monthly users and has a huge social following. Gizmodo Japan is comprised of both original Japanese articles and translated Gizmodo US articles that focus on high-tech digital gadgets and breaking news on related topics. Similar to the US site, Gizmodo Japan attracts a savvy, technology-oriented audience whom are well connected with social networks. To keep its audience engaged, Gizmodo implemented a slew of social sharing buttons throughout content pages, created a complex ranking algorithm for Likes and Tweets, and built a custom comment plugin. However, maintaining social APIs and ranking system was not scalable, and Gizmodo’s comments system lacked essential features that users expect. To address the issue, Mediagene turned to Gigya to bring a scalable solution to the table.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Mediagene stripped out existing social features, quickly implementing Gigya’s Share Bar and Comments plugin throughout With Gigya’s Share Bar, Mediagene could implement official share buttons such as the Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, and Google+1 buttons through a single interface. Additionally, Share Bar configuration and activity tracking could all be managed from a web-based dashboard. Mediagene also deployed the Gigya Comments plugin across all content pages. The Comments plugin made for a much better user experience, allowing users to sign-in with a social network or guest account to post a comment. In addition to easier connectivity, the Comments plugin also allowed users to post comments to one or more social networks.

Social Infrastructure at Work

Just months after implementation, Gizmodo noticed astounding results. The simplicity and social functionality of the Comments plugin caused a 500% jump in posted comments. The Share Bar also proved to be a huge improvement as shares increased by 3x, contributing to a huge increase in traffic coming from social networks. “Gigya was a complete game changer for our social strategy.” Said Mr. Serizawa of Mediagene, “With Gigya’s social infrastructure in place, we can grow with minimal distractions and focus more on what we do best.”
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