PCWorld: Amplified Registrations with Social Login

Social Login Case Study

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Take a look at PCWorld and you have to be impressed. For more than 28 years, PCWorld has provided expert reviews and authoritative coverage of technology issues in a dynamic and quickly changing environment. PCWorld is also part of IDG—the largest technology publisher in the world. With over 13 million website users and a growing tech-savvy community, PCWorld partnered with Gigya to add a social layer to their site that would connect readers with social networks and let them easily share new content with friends.

Creating a Social Experience

PCWorld implemented a combination of Gigya’s Social Login and Share technologies to connect users with social networks and give them a way to seamlessly share. With Social Login, visitors to pcworld.com can login or register with an existing identity from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo! or LinkedIn, making it easy for them to comment on articles or participate in the community with a social identity of choice. The Gigya Share Bar appears on article pages and gives visitors a simple way to share to multiple social networks and social bookmarking sites. Because PCWorld has implemented Gigya for both sharing and social login, Gigya is able to provide reporting on all user-generated social behavior initiated through Gigya plugins. The end result provides more insight into readers’ content sharing habits, which helps the PCWorld team hone their social media strategy.

Amplified Registrations and Word-of-Mouth Traffic

Gigya’s social plugins proved to be effective. After implementing Social Login, Gigya Case Study statistics demonstrate that PCWorld experienced a 40% jump in new registrations. New and existing members connected to PCWorld using a variety of social accounts. Facebook was most popular with the PCWorld audience, accounting for about 50% of registrations, while the remaining registrations comprised of users signing on via Google, Twitter, Yahoo and LinkedIn. With social sharing tracked through Gigya’s unified platform, it’s easier to gain insights into which channels are driving the best results. Although users more often share content to their Facebook profiles, Twitter leads in referral traffic, driving an average of over five clicks back to PCWorld for every item shared. In addition to tracking referrals, Gigya is able to provide insights into the demographic profiles of users who share content.
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