Joiz: Social TV Levels Up with Social Infrastructure

Gamification Case Study

A Community Site with Gen-Y Appeal

While international brands have previously lagged behind US brands in the use of social technology, that trend is rapidly changing. Today, many European companies are fervently embracing social integration as a must-have for their web properties. Enter Joiz, a Swiss television network focused on delivering Gen-Y focused TV programming including music videos as well as lifestyle, fashion, celebrity and nightlife shows. Joiz’s website specializes in creating compelling content that captures the attention of millennials, keeping them engaged and “in the know” on the hottest trends in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. From its launch, Joiz’s success has stemmed from building a community site experience, with a focus on driving interaction with the site’s multimedia and corresponding TV content. To blend on-air content with site interaction, Joiz allows users to check in to TV shows, vote on their favorite programs online and even call in to certain shows via Skype. While the site had an active community and user-base, the Joiz team realized that it needed full social infrastructure in order to capture the viral effect of increased sharing, referral traffic and engagement while gaining a better understanding of its users. With these goals in mind, the company turned to Gigya, the only vendor that offers businesses everything they need to make their web properties completely social.

A Gamification Makeover

The Gigya team quickly got to work and began helping Joiz implement a full suite of social technology to provide users with an engaging experience all tied to users’ social identities. Joiz began by implementing Gigya’s Social Login to allow users to easily register and login using their Facebook IDs. The site then added all of Gigya’s Social Plugins including:
  • Share to allow users to spread content to their favorite social networks
  • an Activity Feed to allow users to see what content other users – including their social network friends – were engaging with
  • Live Chat to allow users to discuss video content in real-time
  • customized Reactions buttons to allow users to opine on content and share to their social networks in one click
Finally, to amplify the effects of Gigya’s Social Plugins, Joiz employed Gigya’s Social Gamification, providing users with incentives for actions that benefit Joiz’s business. By tying Gigya’s Social Plugins to Social Gamification, Joiz was easily able to reward users for positive actions like logging-in through their social accounts, sharing content to social networks, participating in live chats, commenting on videos and articles and for bringing referral traffic to Joiz’s site. Additionally, Joiz ties its gamified processes to real world rewards so that as users accrue points and badges, they can also win iTunes gift cards, tickets for music festivals and other rewards based on engagement and social standing on the site.

Winning Results with Social Infrastructure

The results of implementing Gigya’s social infrastructure technology were nothing short of exceptional. Joiz saw a profound and measurable effect on user engagement and sharing while referral traffic skyrocketed. In fact, post-implementation, Joiz saw sharing to social networks increase 100 percent, leading to a 54 percent increase in referral traffic. Additionally, since users were rewarded for directly engaging with site content, the site saw a 44 percent increase in Reactions activity. Joiz has been thrilled with how Gigya’s technology performed for “We knew we needed social infrastructure on our site in order to give users the experiences they wanted,” said Mathias Menzl, Head of Music and Project Manager at Joiz. “What we didn’t know was how amazing the results would be. Our site is now buzzing with activity and engagement and Gigya deserves much of the credit.
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