Case Studies

KLM Case Study

KLM: Connecting Flyers Through Social

Learn how KLM Royal Dutch Airlines increased customer loyalty and engagement.
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Milenio Case Study

Milenio: Providing a Social News Experience

Learn how Milenio boosted site registrations and brand awareness.
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Dallas Morning News Case Study

Dallas Morning News: Fostering a Social Reader Base

Learn how Dallas Morning News saw a 92% increase in commenting activity.
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Capcom Case Study

Capcom: Leveling Up with Gamification

Learn how Capcom generated excitement around the launch of its new game.
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Forbes Case Study

Forbes: Real ROI with Social Infrastructure

Find out how Forbes was able to increase new registrations by 100%.
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Indigo Case Study

Indigo: Building Community through Pinterest

See how Indigo drove tons of new visitors to their site using Pinterst.
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Verizon Case Study

Verizon: Meeting the Demands of Social Users

See what steps Verizon took to get users to spend 30% more time on site.
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Gizmodo Case Study

Gizmodo: Scaling Socially with Social Plugins

Find out how Gizmodo was able to see a 500% increase in comment activity.
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Boyd Case Study

Boyd Gaming: Player Loyalty through Gamification

See how Boyd Gaming drove new customers into casinos with a Gamification.
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Joiz Case Study

JOIZ: Social TV

Social TV Levels Up with Gamification and Social Infrastructure.
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CTV Case Study

CTV Olympics: World Champions in User Engagement

See how CTV was able to boost social activity by making gamification social.
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PCWorld Case Study

PC World: Amplified Registrations with Social Login

Find out how PC World was able to amplify registrations by 30% with Social Login.
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