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Why Loyal Customers Mean Consistent Returns

As users interact more with your web properties, the ultimate goal is to encourage deeper, prolonged engagement. As your business formulates its customer retention strategy, you may consider developing a rewards program and implementing a gamification platform to keep customers engaged in the long term.

Rewards programs, which are often times integrated into gamification platforms, allow businesses to incentivize users by offering virtual or physical goods to users who perform valuable site actions. Incentives promote repeat site visits and generate valuable conversions, which can translate to direct returns.

Another way to promote customer loyalty is to encourage some friendly competition across your web properties. Gamification enables businesses to reward customers with points, badges, and other prizes for completing specific site actions. Users can level up and see how they stack up against other users, which fosters a sense of community among your user base.

How to Measure Loyalty

Measuring loyalty calls for an examination of your various user incentives and their resulting conversions. Metrics include value of incentivized actions, increase in valuable actions, increase in repeat conversions, and increase in value of conversions.
To learn how to drive more user loyalty and engagement, check out our white paper, Path to ROI: Building Customer Loyalty with Rewards

By Emma Tzeng

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