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What You Can’t Get From Cookies

We’ve all been there: your teenage son borrows your computer without asking and uses it to casually browse his favorite websites. For the next several weeks, you’re bombarded with ads featuring musicians you’ve never heard of and cars you can’t afford. Not only is this irritating for consumers, but it’s also a poor use of money and resources on the business’ side.

Traditional retargeting techniques are the equivalent of playing a drawn-out guessing game: the only supposed knowledge you really have about the user stems from what you’re able to piece together from her browsing history. Such information hardly paints a holistic picture of the user, and leaves out the most important information: her hobbies, interests, behaviors, and relationships.

Implementing Social Login gives brands permission-based access to valuable, real-time data from users’ on-site actions and social profiles. Brands gain access to users’ birthdays, habits, email addresses, favorite TV shows, check-ins, activities, and other insights that make it possible to provide them with the most relevant experiences at optimal points of influence. In addition, while 65% of US consumers delete their cookies (MediaPost), users keep social identities for years and update them on a regular basis, ensuring marketers have only the most recent and relevant user data.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

After businesses receive this user data, it’s crucial that they have databases that can handle the large volumes of structured and unstructured data and store it in an accessible way so decision makers can leverage it at any time. We recommend investing in a database solution that’s cloud-based and centralized, as well as a web-based dashboard that allows marketers to effectively harness and take charge of user data.

To learn more about transitioning from retargeting to authentic relationships, download our survival guide, “Marketing In A World Without Cookies.”

By Rachel Serpa

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