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Webinar Recording: Customer Identities Are a Whole Different Bunch

Long ago, companies recognized the importance of effectively managing employee identities, data and permissions to help streamline company processes and protect valuable business assets.

Over the past 5-10 years, the rise of ecommerce, social networks, mobile and connected devices has created the need for businesses to develop an external identity access management (IAM) strategy to keep up with the flood of identity data being created as consumers connect across channels. Unprepared for and unfamiliar with the challenges of external identity management, many businesses have attempted to scale internal IAM solutions for external identity management purposes.

But successfully capturing, protecting and leveraging consumer identity data requires a whole new set of tools and technologies built for the consumer identity access management (cIAM) era.

In this webinar, our guest Forrester Research’s Andras Cser provides an overview of Consumer Identity Access Management (CIAM) and explains how it provides the scale, performance, and ease of use needed to efficiently manage the entire customer registration process from start to finish while offering a complete view of the customer.

See below for the full webinar recording.

By Emma Tzeng

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