Verizon Gets Gamified with Gigya

Verizon Insider acts as a community hub to keep customers apprised of a wide array of local cultural hotspots, sporting events, contests and deals on new products. The site keeps its users engaged with compelling, frequently updated multimedia content and its own blog network.

To take its social presence to the next level, Verizon Insider chose Gigya’s platform to enable its users to login using their social identities to interact, communicate, and compete throughout its site. Once users are registered, Gigya’s Game Mechanics platform allows these insiders to earn points and rewards for actions like participating in contests, leaving comments and promoting events. As users level-up and earn points, their progress can be syndicated out to Facebook, Twitter, and the various social networks via Gigya’s Share plugin to promote Verizon Insider and drive new users back to the site.

The powerful combination of Social Login, Share Plugin, Comments and Gamification on the site makes for a really slick, comprehensive social experience. Users receive automatic updates when they achieve new levels within the site community and they can clearly see the most active participants via our Leaderboard plugin. We’re really proud of this implementation as it shows the value in making gamification social from the ground up. You can check out the Verizon Insider site at: – let us know what you think!

— Victor White, senior marketing manager


By Victor White

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