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Turner Sports implements Gigya Socialize on,

We recently published a case study on our Socialize implementation with Turner Sports for the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The story was also covered by AdAge.  It was extremely rewarding to demonstrate the indisputable  value of providing users with not only social functionality, but with choice.

The Challenge: Engaging NBA Fans on Online
Sports fans are social. Whether they are watching a game at a stadium or a bar, fans chat about players and stats, high five each other and cheer together when the momentum swings. To bring these “real-world” activities online, Turner Sports implemented Gigya’s Socialize technology to make it easy for fans to engage with friends from the top three social networks while watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on

The Approach: Driving Engagement, Viral Promotion through Social Activity
Using Gigya Socialize, Turner became the first TV network to take an agnostic approach, letting users social login to any or all of the top three social networks: MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

“We were going to allow the Facebook guy to chat with the MySpace guy to chat with the Twitter guy,” said Matthew Hong, VP-general manager of sports digital at Turner Sports.

Fan messages about the game drove engagement on the site, and were also published to the newsfeeds of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter users, effectively promoting the event real-time to their networks of friends and driving traffic back to

The Result: Demonstrable Fan Engagement
The results clearly demonstrate the value of making social features accessible to all users. According to Turner, “We were pleased with the better user experience and higher engagement. The early return is it gives people an opportunity to participate in our content.”

Distribution of Unique Users by Network
MySpace: 40%
Facebook: 48%
Twitter: 12%

Distribution of Messages by Network
MySpace: 53%
Facebook: 35%
Twitter: 12%

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