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Things We Learned From SXSW – Gigya Grill Edition

After planning and executing a large-scale, four-day event at one of the most massive tech gatherings in the world exactly a year ago, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes or breaks a successful SXSWi experience. In this vein, we took time to reflect on lessons learned from SXSW, which we’re excited to share with you and your business.

Advice for SXSW Attendees

Do your research. Know what companies you want to talk to ahead of time and make sure you register for the events that those companies will have a presence in.

Be open-minded and social. A random conversation with a person in an elevator is probably a fellow SXSWi-goer that you can exchange insights with!

Ghia Espino, Director of Client Services

Wear comfortable shoes.

Go to Bangers for dinner at least once.

Stop by the Gigya Grill!

Kevin White, Director of Marketing Operations

Advice for Companies Planning a SXSW Event

Feed folks. Show them love by being hospitable. Our team worked purposefully every day to make sure every group/person was greeted by a Gigya team member. We offered drinks, food, and great conversation.

Make it a point to identify each person coming through the door. This makes it easier for your employees to approach attendees and follow up with them after the event.

Identify what success looks like prior to the event, and make sure all members of your team are on board. Our leadership team worked hard to educate us on the purpose behind Gigya Grill and lay out our goals for the event.

Work hard to market the event, invite the people you want to connect with, and have fun with everyone that shows up! Share your company’s successes with them and always find ways to help them.

Kristin Goetterman, Client Account Manager

Having an event that’s partially “off-site” can be extremely valuable and gives your guests a chance to get away from the “hustle & bustle” of the Austin Convention Center.

Evening parties are fun, but consider holding an event during the day. The pre-evening hours are extremely valuable to getting business done, while parties at night set the stage for more of a “let’s get wasted” atmosphere.

Avisha Nia Wignarajah, Account Executive

 We had such a great time hosting Gigya Grill and mingling with our attendees; and now, we’re more excited than ever to do it all again with full force at SXSW 2014. We hope to see you there.

By Emma Tzeng

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