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The Ultimate Guide to Social Marketing Success in 2014

With 2013 now behind us, modern marketers are well versed in the importance and potential impact of social data and engagement. According to the Word of Mouth and American Marketing Associations, 70% of marketers expect to increase their social media marketing budgets in 2014 (MediaPost).

However, 79% of marketers cite measuring social media and demonstrating social marketing ROI as two of their biggest obstacles (MediaPost). The new year is poised to shift social marketers’ focus from simply establishing a social game plan to measuring and optimizing social marketing impact, implementing data-driven strategies, and creating effective cross-channel user experiences.

Marketers must answer the call of innovation and find new, creative ways to acquire and retain customers by leveraging social media, social data, and unique web and mobile experiences. Our new guide gives you a head start on the competition with insights on achieving and measuring real social ROI in 2014, including how to:

  • Accurately calculate the value of social marketing
  • Turn anonymous visitors into known customers
  • Make data-driven marketing decisions
  • Grow an interactive community of trust
  • Unify cross-channel user identity with login vs. cookie data
  • Nurture consumer relationships with rewards

Download The Ultimate Guide to Social Marketing Success in 2014 to start effectively quantifying and optimizing your social marketing efforts this year.

By Rachel Serpa

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