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“The Social Graph”: Wedbush Equity Research Experts Call with journalist David Kirkpatrick, Justin Smith of Inside Networks, David A. Yovanno of Gigya, Sid Shah of Efficient Frontier

To further the dialogue and understanding of the Social Graph, Wedbush Equity Analyst Lou Kerner hosted a call on November 30 with several experts on Social and Search, saying  “We believe Social Media and its associated technologies will change the world to a larger degree than is currently appreciated on Wall Street. The Social Graph is an increasingly important element of Social Media, yet it’s not well understood.”

Investor interest in Social business continues to intensify: Wedbush showed that funding of companies in the social space was up 100% in Q4 vs. Q3.  Justin Smith noted that 45 Billion new pieces of data about people and the things they care about are being created each month, and asked the question “Who is going to challenge Facebook’s social graph?”  David Kirkpatrick  says Google will challenge Facebook, the question is where and how given their graph information is located in a variety of places, they don’t have the social expertise in-house and that Bing/Facebook presents a significant challenge.

Justin covers opportunities on the Facebook Platform, David K. highlights how the Facebook platform is opening up, and David A. Yovanno, Gigya’s CEO, then discusses how businesses can now leverage the social graph on their own sites, bringing Facebook and the other platforms to them rather than being limited to just activity on Facebook.


****The executive summary is below. You can download the pdf transcript here, or listen to the call replay by dialing  1-800-237-1145 and following along with the slides here.*****


The term Social Graph describes the relationships between members of Facebook, but has since expanded to include all “objects” created by Facebook members (also called the Open Graph post the integration with outside Websites in 2010)

  • There are 45 billion objects added to the Facebook Social Graph every month, with total objects estimated by Wedbush at over one trillion today

Justin Smith, Founder of InsideNetwork

  • Facebook is positioned to take search share in certain categories
  • Potential Social Graph competitors include portals (e.g.,Google) and carriers.


David Kirkpatrick, author of “The Facebook Effect”

  • Facebook’s Social Graph, and Facebook’s integration with over a million Websites positions Facebook to be a massive advertising platform
  • Facebook Places and Facebook Deals are steps in developing its ad platform

Dave Yovanno, CEO of Gigya (which helps companies optimize their sites for the social Web)

  • Websites should leverage the Social Graph to drive traffic and site personalization
  • While Facebook has a 46% share of all social logins, Twitter dominates news sites with 45% share of social logins

Sid Shah, Director of Analytics, Efficient Frontier

  • Facebook is working well for advertisers in Finance, Travel and Entertainment,who provide offers with elements of urgency
  • Facebook ad impact happens earlier in the conversion funnel, with conversions taking 10-15 hours on average vs. search, where 80% of conversion happens in the first hour

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