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The Landscape of Social Login & Sharing: Consumers Want Choice

Social Login has become a standard on the web and on mobile devices, with the world’s largest businesses implementing the technology on their web properties so that their users can quickly register and login with their existing social identities, and so that those businesses can gain valuable permission-based data about their users.

And while consumers have clearly demonstrated that they want to use their social identities across the web, they also demand the ability to choose from a variety of identity providers when they register and log into sites. The below infographic, which is composed of data from all Gigya clients in Q2 (April – June) 2013, reveals some remarkable trends in how consumers use their identities within different types of sites and apps. As you can see below, for example, in both the aggregate and in many individual verticals, networks like Google/Google+ have gained strong presences in social login.

Similarly, in sharing, our data shows that users across verticals share content and products to a variety of social networks, most notably Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Take a look at the data below and note how the data has shifted since our 2011 data:

Landscape of Social Login and Sharing

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— Victor White, Director, Marketing Communications

By Victor White

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